Google Forms FAQ

How do I access my test/form I created?
Go to  Sign in if you are not already sign in with your google account.  Then click "Drive".  
If you created the form/test then it should be under "My Drive".  If the form was shared with you it will be under "Shared With Me".

How do I create a new test/form?
Make sure you are in "Drive" and click "Create" and click Form.

How do I create a new question?  or How do I create more than just two questions?
In your form, Click "new item" at the top of the form.  Then click the type of question you want to enter.

How come when I open my form I cannot edit the questions?  Why do I see a spreadsheet?
Remember once a form is made it turns into a spreadsheet.  Open the form so you see the spreadsheet.  Then on the menu on top of the spreadsheet click the "Form" tab and click "Edit Form".  You then can edit your form and questions.

How can make my form available to students without requiring them to sign in with their account?
On the top of the form in "edit form" there are check box options.  
1) Allow Users to Edit Responses

Edit form responses after submitting

For form owners and creators

If you've created a form, you can allow form respondents to edit their responses by checking the box labeled Allow responders to edit responses after submitting, which you can find at the bottom of your form. If you enable this option, your form respondents will be able to edit the responses they've submitted to your form. These edits will be reflected in your spreadsheet and in your summary of responses.

Form respondents will be able to change their responses by clicking Edit your response on the form submission confirmation page.

You can also edit form responses received in your spreadsheet (if, for example, you’d like to correct a typo). It is important to note, though, that if you edit a response in your spreadsheet, you will not be overriding the original response in Forms, only the copy of the response in your spreadsheet. If the original respondent edits his or her response at a later time, the edited response will override any changes made manually in the spreadsheet.    

2) Require State of South Dakota K-12 Data Center sign-in to view this form.
This means anyone that wants to view this form must sign in with their K-12 account first before signing in.  Also anyone that doesn't have a K-12 account cannot view this form.

3) Automatically collect respondent's State of South Dakota K-12 Data Center username.
This means that it will collect the username and put it in your form so you technically don't need to ask the user's name as their id will already be collected.  Remember it's their ID username-- not their full name.  So if a student John Doe had a username JD3205, then the username would show up on the form... not John Doe.

* If you do not want to require a sign in, then make sure #2 and #3 are not checked on the form.  Also make sure you have a question asking the person who is taking the form/test to enter their name.  (Usually the first question!)

How do I find out the "Web Address" of my form so I can make it available for students and others to take?
Go into your form, make sure you are in the "edit form".  Look on the bottom of the form (usually in black background with blue writing.  There is a "You can view the published form here:...."  Your web address is in blue.  This is what you need to highlight and copy to insert your link on your web page.

How do I insert that link on my own web page?
Make sure on your web page that you want the link to appear is up.  Type the words that you want displayed on your web page.  
Example:  Algebra I Chapter 1 Test.
Then "copy" the link from your form.  Then go to the text you just typed on your web page (Algebra I Chapter 1 Test).  Click the link icon (the chain) on the menu.  Then select "Web Address" in the link window and paste your copied link in the box.  Click OK and Click Save.  Verify now the words you typed (Algebra I Chapter 1 Test) link to your form.