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Fellowship of Christian Athletes

FCA unites two passions, faith and athletics, to impact the world for Jesus Christ.  On the Eureka campus we have monthly devotions on our "meeting" days.  We do "FCA" nights where we provide snacks and a scripture verse to the opponent we play that night and offer the team to join us in a devotion and prayer after the game.  We also host the school's "Kid Carnival" each year in April.  

Any high school student or staff member is able to join this group.  You do not have to be a coach nor a athletics participant to be a part of this group.   All you need to do is be present at the meetings.  You can be as active as you want in the group.  Our goal is to share our passion for Jesus Christ and sports together as a huddle.
Kaci Vander Vorst, Kelsey Weismantel, & Bob Billotto

Youth Leaders:
Edith Gage, Jonathon Fargher, Kelley Fargher

Officers and Class Representatives
President:  Jackson Kunz
Vice President:  John Kolar
Secretary:  Hunter Ellis
12th Grade Representative:  Nick Burns
11th Grade Representative:  Prairie Retzer
10th Grade Representative:  Cheyloh Brockel
9th Grade Representative:  Alec Maier