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Trojan Yearbook Staff

Trojan Yearbook Staff

Advisor:  Mr. Ingerson

Yearbook is a fun way to use your creativity and manage your own pages. Each student is not obligated to stay on one page as we work together as a team to get the yearbook done. It’s a fun way to put forth your ideas and have fun with other students. There is no fee for being a member of Yearbook. We want students who want to have fun putting together our “memories” in the yearbook. 

Any students from grades seventh through twelfth are welcome to join Yearbook. Yearbook meets once a month and when it gets closer to the end of school year we meet more times due to the deadlines. The first meeting usually is in September to see how many members we have in our group.

Students are encouraged to take pictures throughout the school year of activities, classes, groups and fun pictures of classmates.