Sports Complex

As some of you know, our sound system at the Athletic Complex stopped working just before one of our football games this fall. We were able to provide a temporary solution to the sound system for our remaining football game, but that is not a long-term fix.  We had Pauer Sound give us an estimate on what it would cost for a brand-new system including new speakers. The estimate came back just short of $11,000. At the October school board meeting, the Eureka School Board made the decision to try and raise funds through donations for the sound system. The board is willing to put up half of the amount, or around $5,500 for the new sound system.

The Athletic Complex has been used for a variety of different things since it has been built. We usually host a combination of ten to fifteen football games and track meets a year. Other events such as Graduation, Relay for Life, Life Walks, Patriotic Programs, and more have used the facility over the years. We are willing to try and accommodate other events if possible. All these events require a quality sound system. The sound system that was being used is over twenty years old and has done a great job serving its purpose. It is time for a new sound system.

We are asking for donations from anyone who is willing to donate to the sound system. In order to get the system ordered and ready for track season, Pauer Sound wants to know soon if we are going to purchase the system. Anything you are willing and able to donate is greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Mr. Weismantel at school at 284-2875.